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Marina One Residences – Is it a good buy?

Marina One Residences is a new project that was completed in 2017. It was the joint venture between Singapore and Malaysia. The completed project spans across a land area of 26,200 square metres in the Marina Bay location.


Water Feature in Marina Ome Residences

Marina One Residences is located in Marina Bay, the new location for Singapore’s Financial District. Flanked by Marina Bay Financial Centre and Asia Square. Marina One is home to some of the top companies in the world with Facebook being one of its anchor tenants. Private banks and top financial institutions are housed in this spectacular building within Marina Bay. This area is also earmarked as the future global business and financial hub. Singapore’s future Waterfront City will also be located in this area. Marina One will definitely be poised to be a project of the future. It gathers great reviews and, due to the cooperation with The Marketing Heaven, it has a really outstanding youtube channel that drives those extra customers. In 2019, the government made announcements with regards to the Great Southern Waterfront. This spans from Marina Bay to West Coast in Singapore. Now, this is a huge stretch with the Marina Bay area being the business and financial centre. Marina One happens to be in this location. You make the judgement call on the potential.

Great Southern Waterfront

Marina One Residences One Bedroom

Marina One Residences Connectivity

Well connected to other parts of Singapore, convenience is a definite part of the package in Marine One. 4 MRT lines will pass through this location and well connected to Major Expressways and direct access to the Changi International Airport.

Location Map of Marina One

The residential part of the building is separated from the commercial activities and residents can be assured of the necessary privacy that is very much needed for a good and quiet homely experience. Within a short walk to Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. This is where the MICE activities are carried out regularly. Residents will be spoilt for choice for food and beverage as the location houses some of the most well-known restaurants and watering holes in the heart of the Downtown Core Singapore.

Amenities around Marina One Residences

Marina One Residences is located within the Marina Bay area with countless amenities for residents. Residents will be pleased to know that this location provides for almost anything that is very much required for daily living. If this location does not provide what you need, a short MRT ride is all you need to head towards where you need to. Driving is no longer needed in this location.

Marina One Residences Pricing

Marina One Residences is competitively priced for investors and homeowners. The current pricing is still attractive in view of the recent transacted prices in the vicinity of Marina Bay and the Downtown Core. If we make a comparison with units that were transacted in Tanjong Pagar, Marina One is definitely priced much lower as compared. Is it because the location is bad? Not true at all. In fact, it is located at the new location of Singapore’s financial district and we are still at an early stage of the pricing.

With the recent announcement by our government with regards to the great southern waterfront project, we have seen an increased buying interest. With the introduction of the deferred payment scheme, this has also spurred buying interests as well.

Is it worth to buy under the deferred payment scheme? Why not, pay only 20% and move in or just get the unit tenanted out and start collecting some good and decent rental income to make up for the balance 80%.

I have readers who have asked me about the deferred payment scheme and whether this project is worth buying. What’s the investment potential like? These are questions that every buyer will ask and seek the answers.

We all need to know that real estate investments are long term investments and we do understand that there are no get rich quick schemes in real estate. If there is any, you may want to apply the rule of “then it’s too good to be true”. We may want to understand the risks involved rather than basing our purchases on what is the potential gains. Remember, it is always better to be resilient than compared to hoping for an increase. If we can study the market movement in that location and comparing projects in the Downtown Core, we can see that Marina One is priced at a good bargain. Wallich Residence in Tanjong Pagar just got transacted for a 1 bedroom for more than $3800psf. Marina One is transacting at $2200psf! Midtown Bay in Beach Road is transacting at an average of $3200psf. With these 3 projects, let’s take a look at the pricing charts. You will be able to see the differences.

Wallich Residence Transaction Data

Transactions at Wallich Residence


Transactions at Marina One Residences

The Sail was the first of its kind that was launched in 2003. At that point in time, it was not exactly launched at the best of times because of the SARS issue in Singapore. Prices edged up steeply to more than $2000 in 2007 and after the Lehman collapse, it still maintains above $2000. At this current moment, it hovers around $200psf to $2200psf. From the chart as per below, we can see the resilient pricing. Marina One is a new project and it is selling at a price similar to the Sail. Now you decide if this is a good buy. I am sure that you would prefer resilient pricing as compared to hopeful pricing.


The Sail

Yield is something which all property investors would be keen to know. Yield affects the pricing of the property as well. The higher the yield, the better the property to invest in. All these are still subject to market forces as well. If no tenant is willing to pay a high rent, the yield will not be good if your purchased unit is at a high price. Marina One Residences has got a reasonable yield at this moment and we do foresee that the yield to only gets better over the years. Why? the reason is simple when more developments happening around the area, more amenities are happening around the area, it can only help to push up the rent. Thus the better yield. But you will need to secure your units today in view of the low pricing presently. This price will not hold for long as developers will only start to push the pricing upwards when the time comes.

Marina One Residences Rental Contracts

If you take a look at the rental contracts that were done for Marina One Residences, the rent is reasonably good at an average of approximately $4.22 to $7.39 per month. This works out to be an average of about $5.20 psf per month. If you are looking for a property that can yield you some reasonable yield, Marina One is a good choice as the units are new and it is ready to start collecting the rent with immediate effect. You don’t have to wait for the building to be completed before you start to get some inflow of cash.




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