Friday, December 1, 2023


The Avenir – A Modern Luxury

The Avenir is a french word meaning " the future to come". It may just mean the same for this upcoming new launch project...


From Punggol to Downtown

I recalled meeting up with Edward in China last year on a business trip. Edward is a typical Singaporean, married to Jane with 3...

Upgraded from HDB in Redhill to owning 2 condos today

People say that sometimes ignorance is bliss but for this couple, ignorance was not something that they could live with. James and Rose are...

From HDB to their Dream Home

asset progression

What should you upgrade to – EC or Private Condo?

In Singapore, private condos and their counterparts-executive condos-are among some of the most sought after types of property.  Due to their desirable amenities, design...

property analysis

Transformation Creates Opportunities?

Transformation has always been the key considerations for potential home owners. Connectivity and amenities are also part of the considerations as well. Discerning home...

6 Reasons To Buy That Property Now

Developers are very Price Sensitive at this moment It is no secret that Singapore is extremely land scarce. Even our neighbours are complaining about our...

Where Are The Opportunities Now?

Readers have been asking about during this current COVID19 situation, should they be buying up properties or just wait and see. In the last...

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Peanuts vs Premium – What Rate should you be paying your Agent?

What are the commission rates of property agents? When it comes to marketing your property, one of the key considerations will always be the rates which the...