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Solid: Full coverage providing the highest protection. WeatherSeal Stain is an exterior log home stain that is thick, rich and easy to apply wood finish and sealer. Lots of our fans have been messaging us lately asking for the best piece of advice when it comes to building a log cabin home. Our MAXIMUM Stain + Sealant in One guarantees performance and durability. April 17, 2018 log home stain inspiration gallery log home staining contractors wisconsin. In addition, the right log cabin stain will enhance the natural beauty of the logs to give your cabin that sought after rustic appeal. When applying stain to the deck, we recommend going board by board. log home stain log  It is available at The Home Depot. The Log Home Shoppe is an online extension of The Woodworkers Shoppe's superior line of wood products and services. After a thorough pressure washing most of the loose and oxidized stain should be removed. Ok, I understand, this is a hard fact to accept regarding your log home stain, you want your log home stain to last forever so you don't have to do any maintenance! Accept the fact that no log home stain lasts forever and you will be able to make a more intelligent decision on which road you want to go down with your log home coating. Serving the Entire United States (and Beyond) The Northeastern United States. We want to guide you through every step of building your dream log home. Canadian Log Home Supply - the largest supplier of wood home supplies in Canada: wood stains, sealants, chinking and preservatives for wood homes and log cabins. With log homes, weather protection can go a long way in preserving the appearance and integrity of the logs. Outlast NBS 30® Time-Released Insect Repellent Additive for Exterior Stains and Paints is designed for use with most exterior coatings. In this article, we offer our insight on which stains are the best for log cabins. We just restained our home and with the top coat on it our home looks like a brand new log home. (PCI) - Penofin© 2018  SELECTING THE RIGHT FINISH/STAIN FOR YOUR LOG HOME A good finish should contain a maximum amount of solids, some mildew inhibitor, and  6 Jan 2018 January 11, 2018last modified: January 11, 2018 . All natural, pigmented and long lasting premium lip and cheek stains. As one of the best log home companies nationwide, Battle Creek Log Homes offers some of the best log home kits available. The Best TWP Stain for Log Homes Tips- TWPStainHelp. In other words, we have the know-how to turn your ideas into your home. You can now save money when shopping at Twin Creeks Log Home Supply if you use the following tips: Suscribe makes users avail information and regular updates of specials benefits and offers at Twin Creeks Log Home Supply. This product is hands down the best we have ever used or will ever use. Here is a list of ten of the best products on the market. Find the best products, the best value and the best price. We know people who have used other stain and found out the quality wasn't there. We have the trained personnel, the right tools and the experience necessary for even the most complicated projects. Here you will read articles pertaining to log home stains, log home cleaners and brighteners, wood preservers, and more! We are dedicated to finding, testing, and offering the top rated products to our customers, and this is the place where you can learn about our quest to do so. This home in Colorado is a custom version of the Little Bear plan using a 10 inch diameter swedish cope cabin log. SuperDeck® Exotic Hardwood Stain and Log Home Oil Finish For over 150 years, Sherwin-Williams has provided contractors, builders, property managers, architects and designers with the trusted products they need to build their business and satisfy customers. We always appreciate your input, so feel free to leave a comment below with pictures of your log cabin stain projects. Adding additional stain will not provide longer protection – it may buy you another year, but to achieve best results, the old stain needs to be stripped off first. That said, if you're unsure of which finish or wood stain would best suit your log cabin home, please do not hesitate to contact us. So we decided to go out and speak with 21 influential log cabin owners, builders, and manufacturers and asked them for their best tips, tricks and secrets when it comes to building a log cabin! These days, log homes are built for style, and while you can create a home using natural wood, a variety of stains are also available to add extra color to the home. Not only will this formula give you a slight pink sheen, but it also contains a ton of nourishing oils and Vitamin E for hydration. The options available for log home stains have increased exponentially in the past ten years–no longer is it brown, brown, and more brown. Cedar siding is durable, holds its shape and takes stain well. Twin Creeks Log Home Supply offers a comprehensive range of products that cater to the xx market. It is recommended to use our Behr No. Thank you for visiting our log home stains blog. Sherwin-Williams world of color doesn't stop with our paints—our wide variety of stains can enhance and protect any porch, deck, trim or siding as well as concrete driveways and walkways. Log Home Stains - Which is Best? From the editor: This post was originally published on this blog in 2008 and has been one of the most active threads on this blog. See How Much Log Stain Do I It is important that you choose the product that will work best for Exterior Stains As a homeowner, you know that one of your most important jobs is to protect the exterior of your log home from moisture and the sun’s harsh UV rays. If you have a new log home or have just purchased one “new to you,” you might be tempted to hire a paint crew to come out and freshen things up by painting log homes exterior a new color. True North Log Homes manufactures the best-engineered log homes in the world—homes of exceptional quality, beauty, and durability. Color is not covered, as too many variables contribute to final project color. Riverbend Log Homes - 79 Carleton Drive, Nackawic, New Brunswick E6G 1W2 - Rated 4. 63 2-in-1 Wood Prep according to label instructions before applying the Log Home Gloss Finish. Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey EXTERIOR Here are 10 of the best log cabin kits you can buy. 17K likes. Penofin Contractors and log home owners praise Penofin for the way it keeps their log homes' good looks and for its Penofin Log On® Wood Stain. Unlike paint, which forms a thick, smooth film over the surface of the wood, experts say the best stains actually soak into the wood. As I stain my cabin every three years this works out to an annual cost of $767 for log cabin stain. Where  Log Home Restoration; General Wood and Log Maintenance; Power Pressure Washing; Stain & Paint Removal, Interior & Exterior Stain Application and Sealers , beautiful year after year and it's always best to leave it to the professionals so all . (Notice the top  Sep 7, 2018- Explore pammypooh1967's board "stain ideas on log cabins" on Pinterest. There is no doubt that a log cabin is a thing of beauty in  6 Mar 2019 Determining the best wood stain for a log cabin takes many factors into account. Log Home Living's comprehensive guide to the country's top log home companies, specializing in the manufacture of custom-built log homes & log cabins, modular log homes, lodges, log home & log cabin kits, and more. However, the unassuming nature of a nice, glossy stain for your porch, patio or boat deck is a good way to preserve the surface while improving user traction and gaining aesthetic points to boot. This is why we go above and beyond when it comes to shipping our deck stain. Life span: 1-2 years. com This stain works well on a variety of woods and is guaranteed to bring out all the natural beauty and color of cedar, teak, redwood, mahogany, and even inexpensive pine. For the record, they say that the best time to stain a log home is when the logs have a moisture content less than 19%. While there is no official, over-arcing rating system, there are a variety of publications and websites that offer their advice on which is the best. While we can’t say which log home stain is the overall best, we can recommend which type of log home finishes we feel perform exceptionally well and keep maintenance costs down throughout the years. This has happened because the finish has lost its adhesion. Duckback® believes your outdoor space should exude warmth and beauty all year round. If a house painter suggests using paint or a budget brand of generic stain for your log home, stop and consult with a professional log home expert before making a decision. It really nourishes and protects the wood. Well I dont really think its quite that easy. But the best semitransparent stain in our tests isn’t as tough as the top solid stains, and our data suggest this type of stain will probably only last two to three years on a deck. Best Rated Deck Stains. Washing your home once or twice a year with Log Wash will keep your Lifeline finish looking great and will help extend its life. Enjoy the BEHR 1-Gallon Gloss Water Cedar Log Home Finish 01601, outdoor stain dries to the touch in 12 hours and should be reapplied after 1 day for best results from The Home Depot Enjoy the BEHR 1-Gallon Gloss Water Cedar Log Home Finish 01601, outdoor stain dries to the touch in 12 hours and should be reapplied after 1 day for best results from The Home Depot The BEHR 1 gal. The best way to stain your cabin is to work in smaller horizontally complete areas and paint wet on wet. The Best Log Home and Cabin Stains Log Home Stain FAQs If you are renovating an older Log cabin or perhaps you have built a new Log cabin home. No matter what wood your backyard fence is made from, Penofin Ultra Premium Stain is the best fence stain for the job. See more ideas about Cottage, Exterior homes and Future house. Whenever you are looking to stain a woodworking project, it is best to know what types of stains work best for your type of wood and what types of conditions your project will be subjected to; this is also true when you are looking for the best stain for cedar. Our advice is to stain them a color you will be  In addition, the right log cabin stain will enhance the natural beauty of the logs to give your cabin that sought after rustic appeal. LOG HOME FINISH Messmer’s Timberflex Alaskan Log Home Formula protects and beautifies vertical wood surfaces. A unique home deserves a unique look, and Behr's Log Home Gloss Finish can help you get it. This revolutionary product, Perma-Chink Log Home Chinking, looked like authentic mortar but stretched and flexed to accommodate log movement while maintaining a tight seal for the life of the house. . Your log home is built, the weather is right, and now it's time for the exterior of your log home to be stained. SPRING Cottage Life SHOW 2018 Call us when you are looking for the best products for wood home, restoration, preservation, staining and sealing. The group purchased deck stains, and the products underwent 68 hours of use and observation. 24 Jul 2019 It is hard to say which one is the absolute best because there are many factors that ultimately decide how well or long a log home stain will  6 Mar 2019 Log Cabin Stain. This issue features the stories about some of the log and timber homes open to guests during the Summer 2019 Honest Abe Log Home Tour set for June 15, including vintage photos and […] Outlast Q8 Log Oil 5 Gallon Pail Natural Base Duckback Products DP-1906-4 Valley Exterior Stain The best ever put on our log home!!! Read more. Cetol Log & Siding 5 Gallons Cedar Tools & Home Improvement Best Sellers Deals & Savings The life of the stain is totally based on your particular weather Exterior Stain Colors. It features a waterproof water-based formula with mildewcide that also resists damage from UV rays and mildew. And if you move "If you have new or expensive wood, you probably want to see the grain, so use a clear stain," Wilson says. Exterior Application: Log Homes. Gloss Water Clear Log Home Finish is great for use on log- and timber-frame houses, siding, fencing and more. For my cabin at 2,000 square feet I required 35 gallons for two coats which costs $2,300. Explore Michele Isaac's board "house stain" on Pinterest. It depends on what you are trying to achieve aesthetically and where you live geographically. When properly maintained, cedar siding can look beautiful for decades. The best TWP Stain for log cabins is the newly formulated TWP 1500 Series. Repair and replace rotten logs; Strip and re-stain log walls, conventional round or square, scribe, scandinavian, hand hewn, timber frame ect. Having your stain arrive to you on time and leak free is important. Stain: Besides protecting your home's interior from fading, a stain can provide a splash of color. Through our untiring dedication to excellence, we’ve brought True North to the forefront of log home technology and design—supported by 22 Canadian and US patents. The right technology and expertise provided by Duckback® will both protect your investment and enhance beauty. This is a list of the best log home builders in the United States. Nobody derives joy from stripping and staining a  Here's how to narrow down all the log cabin stain options, and pick the right one quick tips to showcase your style and choose the best stain for your log cabin. Frequently Asked Questions about Log Home Stains and Finishes. In this photo you can see the finish has blistered, cracked, and is starting to peel. The key to a long-standing solid log cabin is shielding the exterior of the log cabin from brutal UV rays and moisture. About 18 months ago, my husband and I had our homebuilder install an ipe deck that was stained with Ipe Oil by DeckWise. log home stain lifeline ultra 2 log home staining log home stain what is the best way to apply stain best log home stain sealer. The best oil based stain I’ve used is TWP. So while there may be many wood stains best for a log cabin there are Home StainBest Wood Home Stain 2018Best Log Home Stain 2019. WeatherSeal Stain. Discover log home stain design and ideas inspiration from a variety of color, decor and theme options. Use the  Bringing you the best log home finishes, natural wood siding, durable transparent wood stains needed to protect and maintain log homes, natural wood siding,  Regular maintenance is a large part of owning a log cabin. Watch how Yellowstone Log Homes' kits are built, starting with just a stack of logs and turning into a luxurious, custom log cabin. 3. Sherwin-Williams's WoodScapes Solid-Color Stain in Cape Cod Red on trim, and DeckScapes Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain in Cider Mill on decking and siding; sherwin-williams. 2018 Renew Services | All Rights Reserved | Designed by Green T Design. Update for 2019: Best Wood Stains for a Log Cabin. offers many exterior log home finishes and wood stain treatments to ensure our customers are able to enjoy the majestic glow only a log cabin can provide. *If you’re not happy with your finished project, we’ll refund what you spent on up to four gallons of Cabot stain product, two gallons of Cabot prep product and a Cabot stain pad applicator. LOG ON wood stain is a semi-transparent wood finish that penetrates deeper than any other transparent wood stain. TWP Stains · 05/30/2018. Kitchens have become more than just functional spaces to make a meal: they have evolved into rooms that not only encourage creativity in cooking, but in design. In order to keep log home looking great and protected from extreme atmospheric conditions, providing a few coats of high quality exterior stain is important. Good luck! June 27th, 2018 at 11:17 am Thompsons Waterseal,Gallon, Cedar, Semi-Transparent Timber Oil is not carried by Home Depot anymore. Best Deck Stain From Best Reviews. Remember that log homes need to breathe. The SuperDeck Deck Finishing System is just one They are not as weather resistant as solid treatments; you may find yourself needing to re-apply this stain after two years. One of the best semi-transparent deck and fence stains is Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Stain, which you can find at Home Depot. Click through to see which kitchen trends we predict will be big in 2018 For furniture and sitting surface applications apply one coat and wipe stain off after one hour to prevent rub-off For use on all new and old pressure treated and cedar wood surfaces such as: decks, siding, fences and log homes. Here are the 4 necessary steps prior to staining a log home. Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc. Tim, thank you for this. Custom Timber Log Homes is a family-owned and operated business, located just South of Knoxville, Tn. But these rustic dwellings that evoke images of the American pioneers are more in-demand than ever. 1 based on 11 Reviews "I love our Riverbend Log Home! There are Time and weather are the two factors that take their toll on the exterior of a log home in New England. To ensure proper maintenance, it's important for homeowners to stain cedar siding at specified intervals Browse BEHR products for wooden surfaces in your home including stains, finishes, strippers, and cleaners. We stepped in and told them that Perma-Chink products were the better product. Log Homes Interiors The Sansin Purity family of stains, finishes and oils offers everything you need to make your home interior look beautiful. Clear Deck and Fence Stains At Original Log Cabin Homes, we use only the finest timbers for our line of cedar log homes, cypress log homes, pine log homes and other log home options. Best Deck Stains for Canada. We cannot stop these things from happening to our homes, but using the right stain and clear coat on a log or timber home will preserve and protect the integrity of the logs and… The latest performance Ratings of all Wood stains. 2. Forest Products Lab and ask them their opinion about oil based penetrating stains on logs verses other products: which hold up best, do not need re-staining every two or three years and do not require a clear coat over the stain. Tune in for our list of the top rated wood stains in 2018. Tinted: (second slat on planter) gives just a hint of color, so expect the natural tone of the wood to come through and alter the stain. This subtle hue shift is the best option for outdoor color newbies. One coat, deep penetrating natural oils. Sikkens Proluxe Cetol Log & Siding Products Select a category Additives Amazon Brushes Bulk / Contractor Pricing Cabot Cleaners Deck Stain Defy Hardwood Stain Interior Stain IPE Oil Stain Log and Siding Log Home Products Messmer’s Penofin Ready Seal Rymar Sashco Sealers Sikkens / Proluxe Sprayers Stain Samples Superdeck Supplies Supreme Deck Using solid color stain, the volume and complexity of surface preparation can be reduced. Moosehead Cedar Log Homes Due to its slow growth, white cedar is one of the most stable and durable wood species. WeatherSeal is your best choice! Hochstetler Milling is an Amish owned log home manufacturer located in Loudonville,  Transformation Stain Log & Timber offers an exquisite color portfolio & glossy finish showcasing the unique character of your log home in any restoration project. DECK STAIN Messmer’s UV Plus is perfect for wood decks, fences and siding. Exterior Application: Log Homes Contractors and log home owners praise Penofin for the way it keeps their log homes' good looks and for its protection— for years. Since 1982, Log Home Living has been the go-to resource for log home floor plans, inspiring home and cabin tours, design and decor ideas, sound construction advice, log home maintenance tips and comprehensive listings of the finest log home companies, builders and craftsmen in North America. Same day shipping on orders placed before 4:00 pm EST. To ensure proper maintenance, it's important for homeowners to stain cedar siding at specified intervals When it comes to siding a home, cedar is a popular option. Shielding a log home’s exterior from damaging UV rays and water absorption is the key to a long-standing solid structure. We offer a wide variety of wood species that presents a diversity of inherent properties. When it comes to siding a home, cedar is a popular option. I get the question all the time, "which log home stain is the best?". Call the U. No lip liner needed! The first home is a 3 million dollar beautifully constructed cedar log home with elaborate chandeliers and an outdoor pool. Duckback® delivers elegance and performance so you may bask in the glow of your accomplishment. Log homes might not rank high on most new home buyers’ must-have lists. See more ideas about Log homes, Cabin and House styles. We've been in business since 1977 and understand the value of customer service. Its unique formulation removes dust, dirt and other contaminates from walls and chinking without harming the existing finish. We at Deckstainhelp. 64 Stain and Finish Stripper and our Behr No. See full terms and conditions. Sikkens Log & Siding provides rich, saturated, vibrant colors that make your home stand out with a satin finish. Deck Stain. Opacity options include: solid and semi-transparent. The wood surfaces in your home deserve lasting protection and engaging beauty and that is why Cabot's wood staining products offer the perfect wood stain color and opacity right for your project. The 6 Best Lip Tints of 2018, in Our Honest Opinion This Amazing Lip Stain Stays on Like a Tattoo. The second home is a rustic, elegant 8 million dollar farmhouse with No Painting Log Homes. Unbiased ratings and reviews Start Designing Your Dream Home Now! Floorplans & designs are where most first-time visitors like to start! With thousands of homes & nearly 50 years in business, Northeastern Log Homes and Classic Post & Beam welcome you to our website! Milk Makeup Oil Lip Stain. With a rich, satin sheen, Log Home & Deck Stain delivers a sleek finish in less time for long-lasting beauty and performance. Wood stain for timber frame and log homes; Added protection; Sustainably Copyright Performance Coatings Inc. We carry TWPstain, which is one of the best rated oil based deck stains on the market. This only holds true if proper surface preparation is kept in mind before and during any finish or sealant application. Art, I work for the Continental Products Co. The best part is that the precision applicator is designed to shape and line your lips for perfect application. Choose a golden stain to use throughout the house, or pick sheer-colored stains to individualize certain rooms. In 1981 PCS introduced flexible chinking to the log home industry to replace what was the standard at the time - concrete mortar. Normally, we don’t think of staining things as something to pay for. FEATURING PREMIUM DUCKBACK TECHNOLOGY. Before you commit to purchasing a stain for your deck, learn more about deck stain ratings. Finding the right wood stain for your next deck staining project doesn't have to be hard. The reason is simple; the quest to find the best log home stain is something we all search for. Deck maintenance is essential to the life of a deck. Staining for tongue  Shop exterior stains in the exterior stains & floor coatings section of Lowes. We live in a log home and the vertical fascia boards are 2x treated boards that were originally done in a solid stain. When to Seal or Stain Pressure-Treated. Top-tip. Best Reviews rated one of Cabot's products, Alkyd/Oil Base Wood Toned Deck & Siding Stain, as the "Best of the Best" among deck stains. We offer our customers an exciting assortment of log home decor and supplies that feature high quality and value at discounted prices within a secured shopping environment. Choosing stain over paint is one of the best things you can do for your log home. Best Exterior Wood Stains for a Log Cabin and Wood Framed Homes. We’re just going to come right out and say it – DON’T paint your log home. Log Home Problem Solvers. The Best Log Home and Cabin Stains Log Home Stain FAQs If you are renovating an older Log cabin or perhaps you have built a new Log cabin home. Formulated especially for log siding and log homes. There is no better value for the price. LOG ON wood stain has the finest mildew protection found anywhere. For all your log home project needs Barrydowne Paint in Sudbury, ON has you covered! Your stain is only as good as the surface it goes on. The deck is on the second floor of our home so you see the top and the bottom of the ipe wood. These beautiful homes fit right in with nature but the weather can take its toll if they are not preserved. Over the years decks have become popular for Canadian homeowners looking to add some extra outdoor living space. The June 2019 issue of Honest Abe Living, an interactive online magazine published by Honest Abe Log Homes, is available online now. Here, a solid-color acrylic stain accents this contemporary home's intersecting walls of windows and dramatically soaring roofline. The exterior stain used is Sikkens Cetol Log and Siding and the color is Dark Oak. This Oil Lip Stain is a makeup minimalist’s best friend, simply because it’s speciality is subtle color. Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol Log & Siding is a wood stain and sealant that provides prestige, performance and perfection in every bucket. NBS 30 Insect Repellent will repel most ants, cockroaches, beetles, mites, spiders, fleas, ticks, silverfish, dirt daubers, wasps, ladybugs and Carpenter Bees. For over 40 years, we’ve helped log cabin owners repair and restore their treasured homes, cabins, and buildings. Log in to enjoy FREE SHIPPING on your FIRST order! We are a State of Florida registered Florida Log Homes Company and open for business. In this article we showcase 14 log home stain ideas. We do not recommend applying the Behr Log Home Gloss Finish directly over previous stains. This durable and flexible formula moves with the natural expansion and contraction of natural wood surfaces and will also protect from the sun's harmful UV rays. Translucent pigments enhance the beauty of your wood. S. Our solid reputation has been built on 35 years of experience in custom log home design and construction. 15 Apr 2012 The reason is simple; the quest to find the best log home stain is something we all search for. It’s a fusion of a lip stain and liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte finish y. We are now 12 years later and have had to repair some carpenter bee damage to the boards (treated and filled with epoxy/putty) and now we need to recoat with a solid color. Use Log Wash for washing the dust and dirt off interior and exterior finished wood surfaces. Find quality exterior stains online or in store. One caveat: A handful of user reviews say the stain is prone to peeling, primarily when this deck stain is used in areas subject to direct sunlight with little protection from the weather. Go to the link below and you will see an independent outdoor test of numerous wood stains conducted by Hochstetler Milling, a log home manufacturer located in Loudonville, Ohio. . The Stain Depot Difference (313) 242-1000. In response, experts recommend applying thin coats, which makes it easier for the stain to penetrate fully into the wood. We make a wood stain product called WeatherSeal. Use a good primer and use 2 thin coats of Behr Deck Plus Solid Stain or Olympic Elite, these are  18 Apr 2018 Quarter log, half log, and Premier D log siding all look good on today's log homes and cabins. We are more than just an log home company. You'll find a log home package crafted by Hochstetler Log Homes nestled throughout the rolling hills and mountains of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. See what our customers have to say about us. Protect, preserve, and enhance your home with BEHR. Suwannee River Log Homes is one of the only Florida log home companies in our industry that will handle Log Home Engineering, Log Home Custom Design, Log Home Manufacturing of materials and assistance with Log Home Building. Mar 27, 2018- The perfect combination of log homes with metal roofing. Tips That Will Help You Find a Quality Stain for Cedar. See more ideas about Log homes, Cabin homes and Log cabin homes . You'll use LOG ON wood stain in high altitude environments where sun, wind, rain, and snow are toughest on wood. A deck can add curb appeal and value to any property. Outlast Q8 Log Oil - Best Price + Free Shipping! Outlast® Q8 Log Oil is one coat oil based product that is a EPA registered wood preservative designed to protect against mold, mildew,rot and insects (termites, powder post beetles) on log homes and on wood siding. For 2019, TWP 1500 Series and the Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain are two excellent examples of log cabin stains. com. Details: Hanging pictures and other items on log walls is a snap—even with rounded logs, pictures will hang straight. This drugstore newbie is a must for your 2019 makeup collection. I am a log home owner NOT a stain manufacturer and NOT a builder. The Premium Stain, Manila, Philippines. Exterior wood stain is the best choice for decks, rough-finished wood (such as cedar shake and log cabins) and any exterior project where you want the grain of the wood to show. Twin Creeks Log Home Supply carries only the highest quality exterior log cabin stains from many of the most popular log home brands. Every time you restain a deck, the old stain should be removed first. Here's how to narrow down all the log cabin stain options, and pick the right one for your log home. These color the wood’s grain but let it peek through the color, making them a good choice for wood that you want to show off—western red cedar, for instance. Browse through our selection of wood stain products and find the wood stain that is right for you. Evaluate The Condition Of The Wood When choosing the best exterior wood stain for your project you will need to evaluate the surface first. com offer tips for more than staining decks. I'm not surprised the guys that stain log homes LOVE the semi trans look. This solid stain + sealant in one is a high quality product that offers enhanced waterproofing protection and extended color life thanks to Advanced SunBlock ® UV Defense. Best Exterior Wood Stain: DEFY Extreme Exterior Wood Stain Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart Outdoor home improvement projects require somewhat heavier-duty wood stain for a variety of reasons — chief among them, it needs to be tough enough to protect your outdoor furniture, railings, or even deck from the harmful effects of the elements. Designed for log homes, Log Home & Deck Stain delivers a high-quality satin sheen and varnish-like finish for an appealing for interior and exterior log homes. Designed to the  on our team. It's one of the best home improvements you can make outside the home. WeatherSeal stain is an semi-transparent, oil based exterior stain for protecting wood siding, decks, railings and logs. Explore Olympic® Stain products, America's most trusted stain brand, providing exceptional protection & durability. best log home stain 2018

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